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How to Practice Your Game in the Winter

Winter is long and tough — especially this year, it seems. It can be hard to stay upbeat and it certainly doesn’t help that you feel your golf skills are getting rustier by the minute.

But with a little determination, you can keep your technique fresh until the snow drifts melt and you can hit the links again in Spring. Here are four indoor golf drills you can do at home while you’re waiting around for the weather to break.

Tip #1: See an Expert About Your Grip

You worked long and hard to perfect your grip. You don’t want to have to re-learn those hard-won skills all over again once Spring rolls around. Now’s your chance to have an expert examine your grip. They’ll give you great advice that you can put into practice all winter long. By the time the weather warms up, your grip will be even better than last year.

Tip #2: Work on Your Mental Game by Preparing a Routine

Come Spring, you’re all about getting out there and back into the game. But once you’re tee-ed up and ready to make that first shot, don’t let all that enthusiasm interfere with your mental game. As you well know, golf requires mental acuity in addition to physical stamina and good technique.

Now’s the perfect time to work on the mental aspect of your game. Begin by preparing a routine you can perform before you make each shot:

  1. Take a big, deep breath
  2. Relax your mind and your body
  3. Visualize the shot you’re about to make

Tip #3: Get Your Golf Stance Right

One of the most overlooked fundamentals of golf is your stance. Your setup position can quickly get downgraded due to bad posture, stiff joints, or lack of flexibility... not to mention forgetfulness and laziness. Now’s the time to hone your stance, not when you’re on the links and everyone’s watching and waiting.

  1. Picture a target line, then position your body so it’s parallel to that line. This includes your feet, your knees, your hips, your arms, shoulders, and even your eyes.
  2. Place your feet shoulder-width apart if you’re using middle irons. Place them a few inches narrower for short irons and a couple of inches wider for long irons and woods.
  3. For balance, place your weight on the balls of your feet (not your toes or your heels).
  4. Knees should be directly over the balls of your feet
  5. Bend your body at the hips, not the waist

Tip #4: Use a Rug to Master Your Short Game

A no-fuss way to improve putting skills is to use the edge of a rug. Work on maneuvering your club straight back and straight through the putt. The goal is to have the ball go right along the edge of the rug, which signals you’ve got the alignment thing down pat.

One Final Word

Getting ready for Spring can be a lot of fun when you keep your eyes on the prize. It just takes a little creativity and you’ll soon be seeing improvements in your game to make it your best season ever.