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What Is a Good Golf Score?

What Is a Good Golf Score?

If you've ever watched golf on TV, you've doubtless heard the commentators refer to the term "par," which is generally what determines what is a good golf score. But what exactly does par mean, and how does it affect your game?

For golfers, par is more than just a number-it's the standard by which all scores are measured. Whether you're a weekend golfer or a seasoned pro, understanding par is key to knowing how well you're playing.

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The Mental Game of Golf

The Mental Game of Golf: Techniques for Improving Focus and Confidence

Many golfers have the dream of going pro, but how many actually do? According to some statistics, only one in every 51,346 will make it to the professional league.

When we think about the pros, it's easy to focus entirely on their technical skills. They've got a great swing and great aim, their chipping skills are superb, and they can hit a bunker shot every time. Is that all there is to it?

While technical skills are important, the mental game of golf can separate the hobbyists from the pros. Read on to learn how to improve your focus and confidence to get into the pro golf mentality.

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Packing the Perfect Bag

Packing the Perfect Bag: Golf Bag Essentials and Accessories That Every Golfer Needs

In 2022, more than 40 million people played golf. This is about 1 in 7 Americans. Although many people partake in this popular pastime, many don't know what to bring with them to the course.

A round of golf often takes several hours, so it's important to be very thorough when packing a golf bag. These are the golf bag essentials you must have before heading out on the course.

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