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5 Tips for Improving Your Tee Shots

It's the first, the most exciting, and the most vital shot of any hole.

A well-executed tee shot can be the highlight of a golf game or even an entire golf trip. But, fumbling a tee shot can sometimes be enough to throw off your game for weeks.

Tee shots, like everything else in golf, need years of practice and patience to perfect.

And, while it's unlikely that you'll be able to change your swing overnight, there are a few tricks you can try that can help you take your game to the next level.

Ready to take a few strokes off your game?

Here are five tips that will help you improve your tee shots.

1. Use Your Grip

Your hands are the only part of your body that come into direct contact with your driver. So, their positioning is one of the most significant aspects of any swing.

You should regularly alter your grip depending on your swing style and the course your playing through. Using the same hold over and over again may feel more comfortable, but it could be hurting your game.

Keeping your grip loose will allow your driver's face to stay open, which will add loft to your shot. Alternatively, using an extra tight grip can help you hook the ball.

Next time you hit the driving range, play around with your grip to figure out what variations will better suit you on the course.

2. Keep the Wrists Flat

When your wrists are flat, you can drive more energy out through your hands. Keeping your wrists flat can also help you square up the face on your driver.

Hold up your fist like your preparing to throw a punch and analyze the position of your wrist. Try to mimic that posturing next time you pick up a club.

3. Lean Into It

For most golfers, leaning too far into your shot is a big mistake. But, steepening the tilt of your shoulders can help create a rounder and more shallow swing.

4. Focus on Stance

The broader your stance, the wider your swing will be. The more open your swing is, the straighter the shot will be. Keep this in mind when stepping up to the tee.

5. Forget Bad Shots

What sets golf apart from other sports is that it is as challenging psychologically as it is physically.

When it comes to making adjustments to their swings, many golfers focus almost entirely on the physical aspect of the game. Doing this neglects half of the skills the game requires.

Next time you hit the course, try to remind yourself not to focus on your mistakes.

Letting one poor shot affect your entire game is an easy thing to do. But that will only happen if you allow it to.

Before each swing take a moment to meditate on the positive aspects of your game and the improvements you'd like to make.

By taking a few minutes to focus on positive thoughts, you can effectively turn your game around.

Improving Your Tee Shots

Fixing your tee shots is not something that's going to happen just because you read a few tips online -- you have to go out and put these tips into practice.

Need a place to work on your swing? Come out to Piqua Country Club and schedule a tee time or sign up for golf lessons with one of our golf pros.

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