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How to Host a Terrific Golf Tournament

Golf continues to grow in popularity. There are more than 24 million golfers in the United States, and the sport continues to grow. Golf tournaments are a great way to engage golfers in the community, especially for charity.

Once you find a golf course, what do you need to know when hosting a golf tournament? What kind of golf tournament ideas do you need?

Here's a guide on how to host a terrific golf tournament.

Find a Golf Tournament Location

Finding the perfect golf course for your golf tournament is the first thing you'll need to do, even before setting a date. Create a list of places where fellow golfers play for recreation, and then contact each golf course about when you'd like to hold a golf tournament.

Once you secure a date, you can then move forward in organizing your golf tournament.

Get Organized

Hold weekly or monthly meetings with the core group of people when you begin to put together your golf tournament. Work with the golf course in what you'll need to make it a success. Work on how you'll recruit golfers and publicize the event. 

Put together a marketing plan complete with a press release and social media efforts for your golf tournament. You will want to reach as many people as possible. Can you get local celebrities involved to help promote your event?

Begin to think about prizes for your golf tournament. Will you get them donated?  

Make sure you work with the golf course to order the food and drink. Set up target dates to get the money together for your golf tournament. 

Signage is important. Work with a printer to make sure you have all of the necessary signs around the golf tournament. 

Securing Sponsorships

Getting sponsorships for your golf tournament takes organization and will be one of the biggest tasks when you hold a golf tournament.

When you approach a business or individual for a sponsorship, you must have a detailed plan about the golf tournament. You must know how much you intend to raise and where the money will go once participants finish the golf events.

Put a list together of everyone you can think of who you'd like to approach. Think big. Use a wide net of businesses and individuals of people in the community.  

Sponsoring a hole at a golf tournament is one of the most popular ways to raise money at a golf tournament. Think about different levels of sponsorship - from $250 to $1,000. When you hold a golf tournament, you might also ask people to sponsor a hole-in-one contest or major sponsor. 

Holding a Terrific Golf Tournament 

Holding a terrific golf tournament takes a few steps, including finding a great golf course location, getting organized, and securing sponsorships. Hopefully, putting together a great golf tournament for recreation will make it an annual event to raise a lot of money for a great cause!

If you want the best golf course to hold a terrific tournament, contact us today!