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How to Be a Better Golfer: 8 Ways to Improve Your Golf Game

The United States is home to over 42% of the golf courses in the world. That's around 15,000 golf courses to take your pick from. 

As you well know though, before you hit the fairway, you're going to want to make sure that your drive can get enough distance and your putting is on par. 

Are you wondering just how to improve your golf game before you lace up those golf shoes?

Keep reading to find the best tips so you can step out confidently onto the green. 

1. Get Kitted Out

One of the best ways to immediately see an improvement in your game is to get better or the right equipment. You might need a longer putter, bigger driver, or even lighter clubs. Knowing and selecting the best equipment for you will instantly improve your swing.

If you are unsure about the right equipment you can always talk to a golf pro at your club or go down to your local shop and discuss your difficulties. Some people even go the professional fitter route, where they will discuss your different swings, your unique playing style, and even get you measured to have the correct length clubs. 

2. Get Fitter

Sure golf is more of a mental than a physical game, but the better in shape you are, the more focused your mind will be. People think golf isn't draining but a few hours in the sun will negatively affect anyone.

By being unfit, the back nine becomes harder and your swing will fall away. Most professionals are in fairly decent shape for this exact reason. We not saying you have to train like someone would for a marathon, but the more you do, the bigger difference will be seen in your game.

Another area of fitness you can look to improve is your physical strength. When you are physically strong you will be able to drive and hit the ball further, improve accuracy and you will have more stamina towards the end of the round.

3. Play More Practice Rounds

You've heard the saying, practice makes perfect. In golf, this is no different. By playing more rounds by yourself even, you will better your game tenfold. 

By playing many more practice rounds, you will learn from your mistakes and improve your game. On the course is where you focus on your swing and getting that consistency.

4. Create a Before You Hit the Ball Routine

Golf is a game that requires discipline and focus. By creating a certain routine before you hit the ball, your brain will click into gear and you will be able to have a consistent swing.

This muscle memory that you create will serve you well every time you play a round and make sure your discipline is unmatched. This routine must be done before every shot, no matter if you are at home, on the range, or on the course.

5. Visit the Driving Range Often

By hitting lots of balls every week, your game can only go up. Be it with a trainer or not, spending hours on the golf range is where you will become a better golfer. 

The range is where you can experiment with different swings and if you feel comfortable with it, you can perfect it. A range allows you to hit many different shots and use every single club. While you are there, don't forget to visit the practice green. 

6. Goal Setting

Golf works pretty much like anything else in life, you need to set yourself some goals. Goal setting will make sure you remind yourself why you are playing the game and what you want to get out of it.

Setting goals can be done weekly or monthly. Find out what works for you and what is best to stay aligned with the goals. By staying on the course you will surprise yourself and far exceed all of the goals you have set.

7. Perfect Putting

It is all good and well that you can drive for 250 yards, and chip decently but when you are on the green, you take three or four putts to get in the hole. Putting is one of the most overlooked parts of the modern golf game. 

By perfecting your putting technique, you will see that you land up sinking more birdies and your handicap go down quite impressively. All your putting begins on the practice green at your local range and even though the green on the course will be different, your practice will make sure you can easily read the green.

Before you start your round, you can practice a few putts on the practice greens and allow yourself to build up confidence for the round. Remember you drive for show and you putt for dough. 

8. Learn From the Pros

Anyone can pick up a club and start hitting balls at the range. But not knowing how to swing properly and the proper techniques will make you pick up bad habits. Once those habits are set, it can be tricky to get rid of them. 

Instead, from the start of your journey (or now before it's too late), take up some golf lessons. Golfing lessons will give you the correct technique, teach you all about stance, and even educate you on club use. Learning from the pros will take your game up a notch to two, in no time at all.

For the Love of the Golf Game

Ever since the game was invented, people have had a love-hate relationship with the game of golf. If you've found yourself in a drought and don't see your golf game improving, follow these simple steps and your game will be more enjoyable for it. 

Are you looking to join a golf club? Looking to take up a few lessons to improve your game? Contact us today and all your golfing needs will be taken care of!