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Which Golf Ball is Best for You?

the best golf ball for playing golf

Did you know that the longest drive in golf was 787 yards? When it comes to golf lessons, you'll only ever be able to improve your golfing skills with golf lessons and by choosing the right golf ball. You might already know how to play a bit of golf on your own, but you might not know the difference between different golf balls. 

After all, many people believe that all golf balls are exactly the same, but this is not quite true. Depending on what kind of ball you choose, it might be harder or easier for the ball to go long distances, spin through the air, bounce, and so on. So, what types of golf balls should you know about, and which type is best for you?

Keep reading more below to find out. 

What To Consider When Choosing a Golf Ball

Golf balls might look more or less the same from the outside, but on the inside, they are quite different. This is because the interiors of different golf balls are constructed in different ways. Some are made with certain materials or certain layers of materials and others may be firmer or softer than others. 

The number of layers a golf ball has is particularly important. If you do a bit of research, you will find that most pro golfers will use golf balls that consist of many layers of material on the inside. But why do layers matter so much for golf balls, you might ask?

Whether you're choosing golf balls for distance, spin, bounce, or any other factor, you will find that balls with more layers typically perform better than balls with very few or no layers. For example, consider the 1-piece golf ball. This golf ball doesn't have any layers in it. 

Instead, it consists of one solid material on the inside. This makes it very firm and most real golf players would never dare use this type of ball on the green. Instead, you usually will only ever see this ball being used on minigolf courses. 

The Details

This is because such a firm ball will not bounce very much and will not travel very far. On the other hand, a golf ball with several layers tends to bounce much more and travel a farther distance. Some golf balls are even designed to spin through the air more than others. 

Some balls are even designed for beginners for their ease of use. This is the case with most 2-piece golf balls. They are similar to 1-piece golf balls in that they consist of a large, solid core, but 2-piece golf balls have a second, softer layer surrounding the core. 

These golf balls can either be hard or soft, but whatever the case, they are quite forgiving and tend to go long distances without much effort on your part. 5-piece golf balls tend to be reserved for the pros and they are quite compressible.

They are also great for those who tend to have very fast swings. But of course, when changing golf balls and choosing the right one, you will need to consider more than just the ball's interior. 

Don’t Forget About Your Golf Ball Budget

Many people get so excited about the concept of buying a new golf ball that they forget all about their golf ball budget. However, you shouldn't let this happen to you, otherwise, you might regret spending so much money on a golf ball in the first place. The prices for golf balls can vary quite a lot and they tend to vary according to their construction and purpose. 

Many golfers have to decide between basic golf balls and premium golf balls. Premium golf balls are designed for professionals. They often consist of many layers and they tend to bounce very well. 

They also travel long distances and may have a good spin on them naturally. They may be hard or firm, but the point is that they are designed for those who are more experienced on the golf course. Basic golf balls are more for beginner golfers since they are relatively all-purpose balls. 

What You Need to Know

This does not necessarily mean that basic golf balls are bad. In fact, they are quite handy for those who are just getting into the sport. After all, if you are new to golf, you don't want to spend a bunch of money on a premium ball that you're only going to use on rare occasions. 

Instead, it is best to start with a basic ball. It will serve you well on the green and it has all the features that beginner golfers need. This is not to mention that you'll never have to spend an arm and a leg on a basic golf ball. 

However, if you are a more experienced player and often play golf, a premium golf ball may be more fitting. Keep in mind that some premium golf balls can be quite expensive. So, it is best to think about how often you are really going to use that premium ball and if the price is really worth it. 

Golf Lessons and Golf Balls

After enough golf lessons, you'll surely be ready to buy some golf balls to match your skills. If you are still new to the game, it may be best to start with basic golf balls since they aren't very expensive and still work very well. On the other hand, if you are more experienced or plan on going pro, it is best to invest in a premium golf ball or two. 

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