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How to Clean Golf Clubs

How to Clean Golf Clubs

With around 70 million people playing golf from all over the world, it shows how popular the game is. Some do it for fun, others as their sport. But either way, it's important to ensure your golf clubs are kept clean for playing.

Are you looking for tips on how to keep your golf clubs clean so that you can continue to game without them becoming damaged and affecting your game?

With clean golf clubs, you can hit a better ball strike and your putting game can improve. Want to know more about how to clean golf club grips?

Read on to find out more.

How to Clean Golf Club Grips

There are numerous ways to clean golf club grips. Here, we'll outline some of them for you so that you can ensure your grip stays tight whilst removing golf club rust.

Let's look at the main ways to do it in a step-by-step process.

Collect Your Cleaning Materials

The first step in knowing how to clean golf clubs at home is gathering together your materials. There's not a lot really. These are what you'll need:

  • Plastic bucket
  • Washing solution

But if you want to use your kitchen or bathroom sink, you'll not even need a bucket. It is, however, the best method. If you have a lot of dirt and debris on your iron, a bucket can save you from having a lot of it run down and affect your plumbing.

Prepare for Washing

Add your washing solution to the bucket. Then fill it up with warm water which creates a foam. You don't need to use water that's too hot though.

Most grips contain plastic which is why you'll want to ensure the water isn't too warm. They're fastened with glue, and warm water can cause it to break apart and loosen, damaging your iron.

Only add the right amount of water needed to cover your grips.

Wash Your Grips Using a Bucket

Position your bucket with your warm water and foam close to your garden hose. Alternatively, you can use your bathtub for rinsing it.

Place your bucket on the ground if you're using a hose, which is the preferred method. Add them into the bucket until the areas with dirt are beneath the water.

Leave them in the water for just a few minutes. The dirt will start to lift, along with any oils that will be removed by your solution.

How to Clean Golf Club Heads

So, now that we've looked at cleaning grips, how do you clean golf clubs completely? Your golf club cleaning routine should also include the heads. As well as your grip, it's important for your swinging and putting games.

This is what you'll need:

  • Toothbrush for cleaning
  • Towel and cloth for drying

Follow these golf club cleaning methods for your heads.

Clear Away the Grooves

After you've finished soaking the club grips, take the heads and clean the grooves using a toothbrush. Overall, this is the most important part of cleaning your clubs if you want them to stay n well-maintained and ensure you stay on top of your game.

Grooves that have dirt on them won't work as well. You'll not be able to hit the ball as cleanly as you'd like. That way, you'll ensure you can improve your score.

Take the brush and clean the clubhead from side to side. Then, the grass will also be removed. More soaking time might be needed, with your club as well as the grips, if the dirt has clung to it for some time. But always remember to use a soft brush as harder ones can cause it to score.

Rinse the Heads

With a hose, rinse off the club. Once the foam gets washed off, ensure all of the debris and grass are washed away. But be sure not to splash water up the grip.

Rinsing is a simple process that shouldn't take a lot of time. Whenever it's done, you'll have a nice clean club that's ready for the course.

Once you've rinsed the clubheads, it's time to dry them.

Dry the Heads

Using your towel, dry off the heads. Give it a good rub up and down to ensure the drying process is complete. Any debris that still resides will then get taken away.

You can now almost place your club back into your bag free from wetness. You're almost ready to take your clubs to the course now. All you've left to do is clean the woods.

Clean the Woods

You never want to place your woods beneath the water, due to their shininess. Rather, you want to drop them into the solution, then wipe them down with a cloth after.

Because of grooves on your wood's clubface, you must remove the dirt using a soft toothbrush. This is so that they don't retain any debris or grass.

If you use permission woods, which are very rare these days, then do not dip your wood in the water at all. Instead, wipe them down always with a wet cloth and dry them off right away.

Once your golf clubs are completely clean, you can stick them in your bag. You're ready for your next trip to the course with full clean clubs that'll help you get the most enjoyment out of the game while playing to the best of your ability. From grips to clubs to woods, you'll be well prepared.

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Having clean golf clubs are essential whether you're a novice, keen player, or professional golfer. It helps ensure that your clubs last longer and that you can get the most out of your game.

Here, we've shown you how to clean golf club grips and clubheads. Now, you know the process, you'll never have to have dirty clubs again.

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