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The Best Budget Golf Gear

The Best Budget Golf Gear of 2023

Did you know that there are over 7,000 golf stores operating in the United States? There are plenty of options for buying golf gear, but finding the best deals isn't always easy.

Before buying golf gear, it's important to research products so that you get the best quality without breaking the bank. You don't want to turn golfing with friends into financial stress!

The following guide will explain how to fill out your golf gear checklist and stay perfectly within your budget.

Best Budget Golf Clubs

MacGregor is a great brand to consider first when looking for cheap golf sets. Their CG3000 golf club set works as the perfect option for beginners without completely sacrificing quality.

It comes with a thirteen-degree low-profile driver that makes hitting the ball easier. The sets' irons come in steel and graphite options and help to keep a low center of gravity. It helps new golfers with their launch because of an undercut cavity.

The set also includes a putter and either a premium cart bag or stand. You can also add or subtract an inch from the clubs to better fit your height.

The grip on the clubs isn't the best, but the set still has excellent value overall. Whether you want to play casually or compete in different amateur golf course programs, it has everything you need to get started.

Best Budget Golf Balls

If you're comparing golf ball costs, you might find that Callaway Warbird balls are the cheapest option. However, the title of the best overall budget ball goes to Bridgestone e12 Contact balls.

The balls have an excellent design that boosts friction upon impact. It also increases rapid ball speed to help gain distance from your shots.

A Bridgestone e12 ball even lowers the backspin on your long-range shots. They don't perform quite as well as TaylorMade golf balls, but they still get the job done for the price.

Best Budget Golf Shoes

For men, the best budget golf shoe is easily the PUMA GOLF Men's Grip Fusion Sport 2.0. It combines performance and style for only about $65.

The shoes feature performance mesh, organic traction, and fusion/soft foams. They come in multiple colors and they're stylish enough to wear off the course as well. The cushioning allows you to comfortably wear them for long golf rounds or other lengthy activities.

Note that the PUMA GOLF shoes don't have spikes and they're not waterproof. But their comfort, style, and affordability make the shoe an attractive option for golfers of all skill levels.

For women, consider FootJoy Women's 2022 Pro/SL Shoe if you're looking for a cheap yet functional option. The shoes are waterproof and offer great stability when hitting shots on the golf course.

They come in sizes 3 to 9 and come in the colors white, gray, and white/brown. MyJoy even offers custom designs for this lightweight golf shoe. Just keep in mind that this shoe gets made for the course and not for everyday wear.

Best Budget Golf Glove

The Callaway Dawn Patrol golf club is a great choice for casual golfers on a budget. The glove gets made from Cabretta leather like other top-tier options but it only costs $12.99.

It performs very well and feels great swing after swing of the club. It also boasts a classic look and has outstanding durability. With several holes at the top of the club, you won't run into any breathability issues.

For women's options, you can't go wrong with Sero Friction ladies' compression-fit gloves. They fit very snuggly on the hand and cost under $16.

They have a patch that works to give extra durability to the gloves which add to their lifespan and value. Zero Friction offers women's gloves in many colors and sells them in 2-packs.

Best Budget Golf Tees

Green Swing offers mixed 30-pack bamboo golf tees for only about $8. The bamboo tees won't break as easily as wooden tees, so you can reuse them longer. They have a unique appearance and an eco-friendly design because they're biodegradable.

Going with these tees is a good way to save some money and also keep your local golf course free of debris. But if you're going for the cheapest option possible, Pride brand golf tees usually cost a few bucks less.

Best Budget Golf Bag

If you want a great golf bag for under $100, the Wilson Staff Feather Carry Golf Bag might be the perfect option for you. It features five large pockets and an eye-catching blue/orange design.

The bag's five-way divider helps clubs slide in and out with ease. As the "Feather" portion of the name suggests, it's a very lightweight 5.1 lbs golf bag.

It has ample padding on the straps and around the hip and lower back areas., So, you'll get ideal comfort and support while you walk around the golf course. ?Retailers tend to sell this bag at varying prices, so make sure to compare a few stores before buying it.

Best Budget Rangefinder

The GolfBuddy Laser Lite has an 800-yard range and 600x magnification for under $150. It has slope functionality and IPX4 protection for use in light rain.

It also features a pin mode that works fast while staying precise. It's an excellent value, but keep in mind that it doesn't include a slope switch.

Buying Budget Golf Gear

From clubs to tees and gloves to shoes, now you know about the best budget golf gear on the market today. We hope this guide helps you improve your golf game without costing too much money or compromising your style.

You can contact us at Piqua Country Club for more information about our membership plans and events. We hope to see you and your new golf gear on our course very soon!