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How to Arrange Golf Clubs in a Cart Bag

How to Arrange Golf Clubs in a Cart Bag

Have you found yourself getting more and more into golfing? Maybe you love being out on the course with the smell of freshly mowed grass and the sun shining on you. Or maybe you love the sound of the club clinking on the golf ball when it makes contact.

Either way, you may have been struggling with knowing how to arrange golf clubs in your bag. It can be tricky, and you may start just throwing them wherever they fit!

However, that's not the way to do it like a pro.

If you want to feel like a pro when you put your golf clubs in the bag, then you will definitely want to read this article. There is a lot of helpful information that you won't want to miss!

Empty the Bag

If you have been hitting the links pretty often, you most likely have your bag full of clubs and other miscellaneous items such as tees and golf balls. But if you want to rearrange your bag in the right way, then you want to first empty the bag to get started.

This will not only help you visualize it all better, but it will make it an easier process.

Additionally, you may not even need everything that you have in your bag in the first place!

Go Get Your Clubs

Depending on where your clubs were before, you are going to want to grab them and place everything right near your bag. This will make it easier for you when you start to organize everything and gather everything for your bag.

This means that you should have your irons, drivers, putters, and wedges all near you to be ready to go.

Start With the Putter

The first thing you will want to do is arrange your putter in the right way. There are various sections - and depending on your bag, you are going to have either a lot of sections or just three.

Either way, one thing remains the same. The front part of the bag is the furthest from the bag straps, and the back is the closet. This means that the proper arrangement of your putter is to put it in the backside since that is where it is closest to the straps.

There may even be a slot that is actually meant for your putter in the backside of the bag. If there is a dedicated space, that is definitely where you want to place it.

Go for the Driver and Woods

Your words and drivers may need to share the backside of the bag with your putter if you don't have a lot of separate areas. Otherwise, the drivers will go in a separate section toward the back on the left side, whereas the woods will occupy the right side in the back.

You are basically going to be going from the back to the front with the longest to the shortest clubs.

Grab Your Short Clubs and Irons

Your longest irons are most likely going to be your 2-5 irons. These are going to go closest to the driver and the woods toward the back but obviously also encroaching the front at this point. You should put the mid-range irons on the right side (6-8) and your longest irons toward the left (2-5).

Not only will this keep your bag balanced throughout the golf game, but it will also help you know where your clubs are during your golf game, so it doesn't take forever for you to grab it out of the bag.

Get Your Accessories

Now that you have your clubs arranged properly and in the right place to put you on your A-game, you also have to arrange your accessories in the right way!

You most likely have some side pockets that you can use. This is where you are going to place your golf balls, ball markers, tees, gloves, rule book, glasses, hat, and whatever else you like to bring with you golfing.

Depending on what you use the most, you can choose where to put your items. If you have an outside pocket near the straps toward the back, this is where you would want to put your golf balls for easy access (especially if you are going to be placing your bag in a golf cart).

Extra Tips

If you feel that your golf bag is set up differently, follow your gut with how you organize them. Just keep in mind that you want the longer clubs to go at the back and the shorter ones at the front.

Once your clubs are in the bag, you will also want to think about adding head covers to protect your clubs. This will protect them from getting damaged by banging into one another on the bag during transport or while moving it.

How to Arrange Golf Clubs in a Bag

Did you know how to arrange golf clubs in a bag before you read this blog?

If you didn't know how to before, you know now!

And once you rearrange based on the steps that we laid out above, you are going to look like you are a pro!

If you are in the Piqua, Ohio, area and want to become a member of a golf club, then don't hesitate to reach out to contact us at Piqua Country Club! We would love to have you as a member of our course!