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Best Golf Shoes for 2023

What Are the Best Golf Shoes for 2023?

Golf is a sport that more than one-third of the U.S. population has enjoyed. With the Beautiful Game growing more popular every year, many people are interested in finding ways to improve their loadout. How can you find the best golf shoes for 2023 to complete your golfing kit?

If you're looking for shoes for golf, we're here to help. Read on to learn more about the types of golfing shoes you can find.

Types of Golf Shoes

To start, let's focus on what types of golf shoes are available. Golf shoes come in two primary types, namely spiked and spikeless. You'll also often hear these referred to as cleats, sneakers, or simply shoes.


Spiked shoes are the most common and are considered a traditional pick. As the name suggests, spiked golf shoes have cleats on the outsole. These cleats are most often made of soft plastic, though older-style shoes can feature metal spikes.

Cleats are most popular on tour and advanced players favor them for enhanced stability. These are particularly effective in hilly areas, golf courses with wet conditions, or uneven grounds.

Spikes give a better grip on the ground but have a few cons. In most outlets, spiked shoes are more expensive. If you're on a budget for your golfing accessories, this may not appeal to you.

Additionally, you'll want to bring a pair of shoes to change into before and after the course. Walking over cement, asphalt, or other hard surfaces can damage or dull the cleats. If the cleats are dull, they eventually become useless for grip.


Spikeless shoes, sometimes called cleatless shoes, are golf shoes that lack the cleats that spiked shoes have. Instead, the outsole is flat with rubber dimples or small studs.

These studs provide enhanced grip over standard sneakers or skating shoes, but less grip than spiked shoes. The rubber cleats are rarely strong enough to stick into the ground, but they're considered more versatile and comfortable.

Many spikeless cleats have a flexible, breathable construction as the sole is lighter. They're also stylish with many sneaker-like designs and provide versatility both on and off the course.

These shoes are ideal if you only want one pair or if the golf courses you frequent aren't difficult or complex. Even ground, slight slopes, or dry conditions will help these shoes shine.

Advanced spikeless golf shoes are on par with spiked shoes. Many professional players have begun transitioning away from cleats in favor of spikeless golf shoes.

Picking the Best Golf Shoes for 2023

Now that we better understand the different types of golf shoes, we can look into the factors that will help us choose. If you're starting to search for golfing accessories for a beginner, your search will vary drastically from an advanced player. Here are some of the most important factors in finding the right shoes for golf.


The first thing many of us consider while shopping is price. Golfing accessories tend to be expensive depending on what you're shopping for. If you've just dropped a few hundred dollars on your first set of golf clubs, expensive shoes may not appeal to you.

Spiked shoes tend to be more expensive than spikeless shoes. Primarily, this is because of the popularity and enhanced construction of spiked shoes.

However, you'll find many shoes of both types that fit any budget. If you're pinching pennies, you can search for used shoes in some golf outlets.

Another good option is shoes that came out years ago. Golf technology is always advancing, with older styles dropping in price as the years go on.


Durability is a key factor in whether your shoes are worth their price. You may not expect golf to be a rough sport on your shoes. Hours of walking, twisting, and climbing up hills will swiftly wear your shoes down.

Spiked shoes are known for having better construction. They're usually more durable and will last longer on average than spikeless golf shoes.

Still, many spikeless golf shoes are made with durability in mind. Look into how long the pair you're considering usually lasts. To do so, speak to sales associates or look for online reviews to see what sort of wear and tear the shoes can take.


Golf shoes come in countless styles, and it's no surprise that most golfers want attractive shoes. Many shoes are unpopular despite the fantastic construction for being unstylish or gaudy.

Style is personal, and this factor is solely to your tastes. Consider your golfing outfit, accessories, and what sort of style you prefer.

However, you should also consider what would work on a course. Black shoes are nice and hide scuffs and dirt, but will be hotter on sunny summer days. White shoes can breathe better but will show grass stains, dirt, and scuffs.


The performance of your shoes is paramount. You should consider this factor to be the most important, tied closely with durability and comfort.

The performance of your shoes is a measurement of how well they accomplish their goal. Look into reviews for shoes to decide their performance.

Spiked shoes with cleats too dull to penetrate the grass are useless. Spikeless shoes that aren't durable enough to survive the course are equally useless. You may need to try the shoes yourself before deciding on their durability.


Finally, comfort is an integral part of buying shoes. You'll spend hours walking miles across the course in all types of weather.

Uncomfortable shoes can worsen your golf and cause damage to your feet. Make sure you're finding shoes that fit your feet properly as well.

Best Golf Shoes of 2023

Finding the best golf shoes for 2023 is a personal choice. Consider your style, what qualities are most important to you, and how your budget will accommodate the shoes. The choice between spiked and spikeless shoes for golf is an important factor in what shoes you'll consider.

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